Charles County

Adult Evaluation

Adult Evaluation & Review Services (AERS)

AERS is a comprehensive whole person, in-home evaluation and assessment program for aged and/or disabled adults.


AERS performs personalized evaluations for community Medicaid recipients who are seeking Home and Community-based Services (HCBS) and for those who are seeking in-home care but do not qualify for HCBS. All evaluations are completed in the home by a nurse or social worker. The results of the personalized evaluations help the AERS team to make specific and appropriate care plan recommendations to Maryland Department of Health, the Office on Aging, and Department of Social Services. The team also identifies and recommends resources for the individual and family that will help the individual who is at risk for nursing facility placement remain living in the community.

Pre-Admission and Resident Review ( PASRR)

AERS is responsible for performing the Federally mandated PASRR evaluations for clients who have an Intellectual Disability or Mental Illness and are in need of Long Term Facility Placement


To help aged or disabled individuals remain in the community in the least restrictive environment while functioning at the highest level of independence and personal well being.


If you would like to initiate an assessment or inquire about eligibility please start by contacting Maryland Access Point at 1-855-843-9725.