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Cancer Screening

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Cancer Screening - Breast, Cervical, Colorectal

This program helps residents get access to recommended cancer screening services at no cost to them. The following services may be provided based on screening and medical history:

  • Clinical Breast Exam
  • Mammogram
  • PAP test
  • Diagnostic services following an abnormal breast or cervical cancer screening
  • Colonoscopy


All program participants must:

  • Be uninsured or underinsured
  • Have limited income
  • Be a Maryland resident

Screening Specifics

Mammograms & Breast Exams: Ages 40 – 64

When cancer starts in the breast, it is called breast cancer. Except for skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women. Breast cancer screening means checking a woman’s breasts for cancer before she has any symptoms. A mammogram is an X-ray picture of the breast. Mammograms are the best way to find breast cancer early, when it is easier to treat and before it is big enough to feel or cause symptoms.

Cervical Exams & PAP Tests: Ages 21 – 64

When cancer starts in the cervix, it is called cervical cancer. The cervix connects the vagina (birth canal) to the upper part of the uterus (or womb). The human papillomavirus (HPV) is the main cause of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is highly preventable in most Western countries because screening tests and a vaccine to prevent HPV infections are readily available. When cervical cancer is found early, it is highly treatable and associated with long survival and good quality of life.

Colonoscopies: Age 45+ (or under 45 with family history and/or symptoms)

When cancer occurs in the colon (large bowel) or rectum (connection between large bowel and anus), it is called “colorectal cancer” (sometimes referred to as “colon cancer”). Of cancers affecting both men and women in the United States, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer and the second leading cancer killer. If everybody aged 45 or older had regular screening tests, as many as 60% of deaths from colorectal cancer could be prevented. Screening for colorectal cancer helps detect and treat pre-cancerous problems and early stages of cancer. When colorectal cancer is treated in its early stages, treatment often leads to a cure.

For more information, contact 301-609-6832 o para Español, llame al 301-609-6852 or complete the form below.

This program funded by the Maryland Department of Health’s Center for Cancer Prevention and Control, and the Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund.

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Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening

The BCCP program provides breast and cervical cancer screening services to low-income women. The program will fund a yearly breast exam and mammogram for women ages 40-65 and Pap test and HPV testing for women ages 21-65. For more information, contact 301-609-6843. Learn more at the Maryland Breast & Cervical Cancer Program.